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Welcome to Manolo Gelato
Manolo Gelato and Health

Manolo Gelato Cares for Your Health!!

We bring a healthy dessert for our gelato lovers for a variety of reasons. The most prior and prior one that our gelato is made up of real ingredients including fruits, from pistachios to milk, from water to real and nutritious fruits. Every ingredient in gelato adds to its overall nourishing value.

Gelato is both lower in fat and calories compared to traditional Italian eatable. Ice cream is usually made up with cream, and is known by its butterfat material (10% - 12%). Gelato is made from water or milk, which accounts for a lesser percentage of butterfat (5%-8%) and therefore fat and calories

Our Gelato is made from milk, it's a great source of calcium and for non-milk drinkers, Manolo Gelato offers Sorbets.

In 21st Century, gelato has proven a suitable meal replacement because of its many health assets. Gelato is something consumed at all times of the day in Italy. The high quantity of protein in gelato have made gelato a desired food for athletes, especially those on a strict schedule as it allows for a non-diet breaking healthy forbearance